Cost-efficient transcoding

Thanks to our extensive technical experience combined with thorough testing, ModernTV has accumulated a lot of knowledge about the use of hardware. We found that GPUs are the way to go. They allow us to offer an affordable, yet very effective transcoding solution. You can choose any resolution with customizable bitrates and codecs to satisfy your valuable subscribers.

Need hardware requiments?  

Main features

The solution is built on a small number of servers while maintaining high performance.
Well optimized
Our optimized transcoding achieves low bitrate while maintaining high quality, which is efficient and cuts down on costs. 
Adaptive and Variable bitrate support
The video streaming quality adjusts automatically in real-time according to the bandwidth and CPU capacity of the device.
Use of commodity hardware
The solution is built on standard available hardware, we do not supply black boxes.
Automatic backup
In case of overload, the system automatically switches to a working source or another part of the system without affecting the end-user.
Smart load balancing
The load is automatically balanced between transcoders, with priority channels being transcoded first. At the same time, the channels are not tied to a specific server.
Optical character recognition
Our transcoding converts bitmap based subtittles to text using OCR technology which allows to provide multiple tracks together with stream.
Transcoding profiles
It is possible to set your own transcoding profiles with appropriate stream quality, bitrate and codecs.
Live channels or VOD
We are able to transcode both live channels and VOD entries.

End-to-End IPTV/OTT Solution

One vendor solution
Experience verified by practice
Multi-tenant business model
Smart TV support (incl. Samsung, LG)

All parts of our solution are developed in-house, which saves a lot of time dealing with customer requests and cuts the necessary processing steps to a minimum. 

The scalability, fast deployment, and having the entire solution designed and delivered by one supplier make it easier for newcomers to launch their own IPTV/OTT services, while the robustness of the solution makes it a perfect fit for operators of all sizes.

We provide a wide range of supported platforms and put maximum effort into the constant improvement of our applications.