The smart way forward!

End-to-End IPTV/OTT solution

Complete ecosystem


Fluent streaming,
low bitrates


business model

Multicast and ABR

Complete ecosystem, one supplier

All parts of our solution are developed in-house, which saves a lot of time in dealing with your requests and cuts the necessary processing steps to a minimum. Therefore, we are very flexible when dealing with your needs and able to bring you a tailor-made solution.
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Wide range of supported devices

We bring you a wide range of supported platforms and put maximum effort into constant improvements of our applications, their usability, and the ability to present your content in the most impressive way.

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Content-first approach

Our mission is to bring the same level of user experience across all devices regardless of the user interaction limits. Every single show, every single episode is being presented by visually appealing images that are intended to catch the attention of the user in an abundance of available content.
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Offer MODERN features!

Amaze your customers by all MODERN features that our platform offers. We put all our attention toward maximizing the usability of our product across all devices, which amplifies the content-watching experience.
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Ready to be Modern?