Complete ecosystem

From transcoding and packaging to distribution backend


Transcoding, storage, and distribution backend

On-the-go scalability

If you need to increase transcoding or storage capacity, our system will automatically adopt the new parameters without service interruption.

Easily manageable administration

You do not need extensive experience with video processing. An intuitive system is easily manageable by anyone after a short training session.

Automatic load balancing

The system automatically switches to a working source or another part of the system and the end-user will not be affected.

Fully automated solution

We have created a fully automated system without the need for manual operation that effectively eliminates possible human errors.

Adaptive Bitrate support (ABR)

The automatic adjustment of the video streaming quality in real-time according to the bandwidth and CPU capacity of the device. 

Shared nPVR

No matter how many subscribers record the same movie, the event is always stored only once. It enables to increase storage savings much more.

Price / performance ratio

Our ModernTV extensive technical experience combined with thorough testing brought us a lot of knowledge about the use of hardware. We found that GPUs are the way to go. They allow us to offer an affordable, yet very effective transcoding solution. You can choose any resolution with customizable bitrates and codecs, and satisfy your valuable subscribers.

Common features

  • GPU accelerated decoding and encoding
  • Adaptive streaming supported
  • Automatic load balancing and scaling
  • Multi-node design
  • Failover support
  • Central management and monitoring
  • Support for profile templates for easy configuration
  • Live channel and VOD transcoding

Data processing

The streams are broken into a sequence of small HTTP-based file downloads. Each file contains one short chunk of an overall transported stream. A list of available streams is encoded at different bitrates and sent to the end client device. We usually use HLS or MPEG-DASH protocols, which are used by modern devices.

Data storage

Our solution uses modern object-oriented storage and recommends sufficient redundancy to avoid data loss. Storage can be scaled-up or scaled-down on the fly, avoiding interruption of the service which is a much-appreciated capability among operators.

Content distribution

The content distribution is divided into Streaming Origin and Content Delivery Network servers. This solution allows us to handle a lot of requests at this level and it is not necessary to load the storage.


The complex management system

Subscriber Management System

Our administrator-friendly and easy-to-use back office will help you manage your customers in a simple and effective way. It offers simple management of content packages and features like nPVR, Timeshift, etc. There is also the customer billing management system, which helps you keep your budget under control. The system allows users to activate services via API.

Content Management System

Gain control of your TV and VOD content. Our system allows you to build your own VOD database that can collect content from open global databases. The smart tools then automatically pair external EPG data with your database. This allows you to offer support for multiple languages.

You can manage various kinds of settings, such as individual packages of channels for your promotions, various content accessibility restriction settings (e.g. geoblocking), VOD content, EPG and VOD metadata ingestion, or channel position arrangement.

Web Interface Management

Make your website fully customized with our web interface manager. Create static pages, campaigns, forms or marketing banners exactly as you want them. HTML, CSS and JS tools help you build your own information architecture. With our intelligent gallery system and dynamic web components, you can now present your content to subscribers with no limitations.

Real-time data projection

Data are rather useless until they are aggregated and processed. And this is where mCollector shines – it can generate real-time channel viewership statistics, aggregate user data for personalized content recommendation, create alerts in case of poor(er) network performance in a specific area, help customer support with diagnosing device-/network-related problems & much more.

Do you have your own use-case? mCollector is easily configurable to suit your needs.


Keep your content secured

On-the-fly encryption

The solution, that saves your space

With avoiding encryption until it’s actually needed, the system can save both CPU and disk resources. Video files are being encrypted on-the-fly when requested by a client device. Our software only needs one version of the streams, which can encrypt into the required variant based on the run-in request. The encryptor is able to work with a live broadcast, replayable content, and content on demand (VOD). It is easily scalable to handle large amounts of data and must work with common content distribution networks (CDNs). In addition, it is able to retroactively change the encryption keys for all content in the event that they are compromised, which is almost impossible with a classic solution.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

Individualized ads for each user

Custom video ads

Boost performance while preserving the user experience!

We have created a system for recognizing advertising that is played on a television device based on content analysis. It enables you to replace commercial blocks in live linear programming and catch up, and add ads to VOD. You can add custom targeted video ads into the stream based on the individual user viewing the content.

   Monitor the delivery of ads during the day, ie. which ad is displayed when and on which channel.

   Check whether the number of advertisements complies with legal regulations (min. spacing between advertisements, etc.)

   Create a call to action for each ad – this allows the user to perform an action, which is defined by the advertiser and which moves him further to purchase or try the goods.